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Slowly and softly close your eyes and bring your awareness inside. As you inhale your breath into your body, bring you awareness to the in-breath. With each breath bring your attention to the way in which your breath enters your body.

Breath is life, the way you breathe life into your body.

Now bring your awareness to your out-breath, the way in which you return that breath to the atmosphere.

Your breath slowly comes in and your breath slowly goes out. While you continue to breathe, imagine the sea, the tide slowly coming in and out, and just sit with that image for a while as you continue to breathe.

On the next in-breath take a deep long breath into your heart. Both your physical heart and your heart centre. Allow the breath to come up through your torso. Slowly take that breath deep into your heart and with each and every breath breathe deeply into your hearts centre.

With each in-breath allow your heart to expand. On the out-breath invite your heart to open.

As you inhale, your heart is expanding and growing and as you exhale your heart is opening.

Now take an even deeper, longer breath into your heart and feel that moment, and just sit with that moment for a while.

Continue to breathe and take a deep, deep breath into the centre of your heart and as you breathe out I want you to fall, fall right into the centre of your heart. As you arrive at your hearts centre I want you to visualise the earth and imagine that you are surrounded by beautiful trees. As you walk amongst the trees and look down the fields you see brighly coloured wildflowers. The red, yellow and violet colours are so vibrant, you are mesmerised. You walk out into the open space and you can smell the beautiful strong scent of the flowers in the air. Enjoy the beauty of this moment of peace✨

I hope this meditation helps you relax. Thank you Andrew Wallas for your inspo – Namaste 🙏 ✨

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